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The Daily Chunter #45: 25th July 2014

Hey there. How are y’all doing tonight? I’m well.

First off, I just kind of want to apologise for being so grim earlier. Tumblr is kind of the only place I have to vent my bullshit, away from concerned friends and, worse, my parents. Doesn’t mean you guys deserve my moodiness. So I’m sorry.

I had a piano lesson today, which was pretty good. My scales are improving, but not enough. That’s what got me started feeling shit about myself. Then I got this thing on Facebook from my friend, one of those ‘post three positive things every day for a week and every day nominate three other people’ scenarios. I really friggin’ hate those. I kind of got really passive-aggressive with her and pretty much cemented my status as a terrible human being. I really hope I didn’t upset her. We depend on each other so much just to stay grounded and sane, and getting pissy at her for no reason felt like a really mean thing to do.

Damn it, I got depressing again, didn’t I? Sorry.

We had serious printer issues, which was hilarious in its sheer ridiculousness. Everything that could have gone wrong did. It was some cartoon shit.

That’s about it. I’m sorry again for being such a downer. I’ll try not to do it again, ‘kay?

Fuckin’ A. 

Bye! xx

I want to live in a story.

Maybe I’m a coward, but I just don’t want to deal with feeling bad. The real world sucks. In a story, you’ve got a bad past, or there’s an evil villain to defeat, but there’s only one really bad thing to face. In real life, there’s a million bad things happening every second, and you’re powerless to stop any of them. In a story, everything turns out some degree of okay. Not real life, no siree. In a story, even if you’re lazy, or a dick to your friends, or otherwise just fucking worthless in every way, it’s okay, because you know it’ll get resolved all nice and cleanly. Real life? If fucking only. But the most wonderful thing about stories? 

They’re not even about you.

They distract you from your problems because you get torn up over the protagonist’s problems. While they struggle to defeat the tyrannical Empire, while they have a huge fight with their best friend, while they lose their mind, you just feel their sorrow and anger and loathing, not your own.

In a story, it’s not yourself you’re hating.

Why can’t I just go live in a fucking story already?

The Daily Chunter #44: 24th July 2014

Hello everyone! Let’s get straight to it, shall we?

We got our Tomodachi Life game today, which my sister has been playing pretty much non-stop all day. It’s pretty fun, I’ll admit. We’ve got all our on-system Miis in there already, with ages ranging from 11 to 48, so I hope this doesn’t get weird. It will probably get weird. I’m kind of wishing the same-sex relationship thing had been intentional and not a bug they had to remove. What am I to do when a Mii representation of my lesbian friend has to hook up with a guy? I know it’s just a silly game, but it seems wrong. I don’t know. I don’t want this particular post to become a social commentary. That’s for another time.

That’s actually about all I have to say for today. Oh, except I got some new shorts. Guys’ shorts. Because honestly, fuck fake pockets and showing off your entire goddamn thigh. Knee-length and fully pocketed and in an inoffensive beige. WHY DON’T THEY MAKE WOMEN’S SHORTS THIS PRACTICAL???

On that note, I shall bid you all a good night.

Bye! xx

h3chy asked:

If you had to make the Blackrock gang in to a standard RPG party what would each of them be?


(Using 2nd Edition D&D races/classes in Forgotten Realms)

Tee - Orc Barbarian -  frontline tank, without a doubt. Ridiculous strength and constitution, and surprisingly high charisma for a mute. Is usually the “nuclear” option when the odds are against the party “ah, screw it, let Tee kill them all”.

Zoey - Elf Ranger/Bard - tinkering with everything, and going extreme jack of all trades. All her points go into non-fighting skills. Frequently loses track of what’s going on. Takes on fifty sidequests for every “main” story quest.

Nilesy - Human Thief - Sneaky rogue type guy, high charisma, incredible liar, Gets the party into as much trouble as he gets them out of with his motormouth. Has a running contest of “who’s richer” with Ravs.

Ravs - Human Priest of Waukeen - greedy guy always out for money. Is really lazy with the actual spellcasting part of being a priest, mostly uses it for “legitimacy” - prefers smashing monsters with his mace, and bashing them with his shield. Drinks A LOT of alcohol - “to drink is divine”.

Rythian - Half-Elf Sorcerer - the reluctant party leader who desperately tries to keep the party focused and together. Started the quest as True Neutral loner, has become Neutral Good since then. Frequently sighs and wonders aloud which god he pissed off to get stuck with these people, but secretly considers them his family.

I got really into writing these. Can this be an AU that people can post awesome fanfics/fanart about please? #blackrockdnd

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